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Run Towards Recovery with Every Step

Embrace Wellness Together!

Welcome to the Sole Mates Run Club, where we tie our laces to join in solidarity and stride towards wellness and recovery. As part of All The Way Well, we extend an open invitation to everyone who seeks to integrate running into their recovery journey. Experience the invigorating rush of endorphins and the camaraderie of our running community.


Our Running Trails


Connect with nature and challenge yourself on varied terrains.


Enjoy the open spaces and the company of fellow runners.


Test your progress and celebrate your recovery milestones.


Join community events to spread the message of recovery through running.

The Path of Recovery

We champion the belief that fitness and mental well-being are vital elements of a successful recovery. Our members find that running not only builds physical endurance but also cultivates mental resilience, helping to stay focused, reduce cravings, and improve overall health.

Community Runs for Healing

Join our band of runners and feel the freedom beneath your feet as we traverse trails, parks, and race events. Our regular meetups are more than just runs; they are moments of connection, support, and shared experiences.

Connect with the Sole Mates Run Club

Ready to run with purpose? Each step with us is a step forward in your recovery journey. Find joy, support, and a sense of achievement with every run.

Lace Up and Move Forward!

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or you’re just starting out, Sole Mates Run Club is your safe space to run free and heal. With every step, you’re not only running towards a healthier you but also joining a journey of recovery shared by many. Come along, let’s hit the ground running.